Computer Source Code Escrow

Midwest Title & Escrow offers source code escrows, in which software trade secrets will be held, preserved and protected unless and until such time as it may be required by the client.

Source code agreements drafted by our company attorney are included in our escrow set up costs. Our source code agreement may be customized to fit the individual requirements for each unique client's needs. Any agreement drawn outside our office must be reviewed and accepted by our legal and accounting departments before Midwest Title & Escrow will agree to act as an escrow agent.

Customized agreements drafted by Midwest Title & Escrow will incur additional charges based on the complexity of the agreement.

Computer source code instruments and related documentation are preserved and protected in Midwest Title & Escrow's secure lockbox at an FDIC insured bank.

Flexible intellectual Property & Software Escrows

  • Two Party Escrow for one End–user & Software Product
  • Document Holding Escrows for proprietary materials

All source code and proprietary documents are kept in locked fireproof files or safe deposit box.

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